June 15, 2022
What Every IT Support Company Wishes You Knew About IT

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 45: insights IT companies wish you already had

What Every IT Support Company Wishes You Knew About IT

Listen as Mark Riddell and the Techcess team talk you through the IT support 'triangle'! 

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There are things IT support companies like ours wish you already knew

As a business decision maker, you're forgiven for not knowing everything you need to know about your IT support needs.

The technology in your business is doing a vitally important job and deserves due care, consideration and attention!

But it's a shame if you don't know what to be aware of, because you're possibly not existing to your full potential, due to lacklustre IT support.

So the purpose of this episode is to give you a little more insight with regards to things you should be aware of needing.

Maintenance and monitoring

This might surprise you, but this is where a lot of businesses get it wrong when they're paying their IT support partner's invoice.

Mark talks us through 'stealth IT support' and the risk of working with 'bedroom warrior' companies.

The IT support triangle and bedroom warriors

Seriously, you need to listen to this episode if you're in any way pondering the IT support you're currently getting. 

Or in some cases, unfortunately not getting.

This needs to not be a thing.

We don't care whether you work with us (although we'd obviously love to have you!) or with another GOOD IT support provider.

But the important thing is that you do work with a GOOD one.

And that's why we're sharing this information with you, so you can be educated and confident in making the right decision for your company's 'Techcess' (technology and success)

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Episode transcript

You would have probably already seen the link to the PDF above.

Here's a very quick sneak preview of that transcript in which Mark is talking us through what every IT support company wishes you already knew about IT!


outsourced is better value for money and it helps you access better expertise than the same spend in house.


So, as you reviewed your IT support, it might have crossed your mind that you could hire an in house employee instead. But it's a big downside to be aware of because when you have an in house person, you're asking them to do several different specialist jobs and support a huge number of people all at the same time. Someone that can do that without having some kind of breakdown will be hard to find and certainly they'd soon learn to cut corners just to get home in time each day..."

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