September 21, 2022
Ask Your IT Company This Question To Find Out Whether They Have Your Cyber Security Covered

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 59: Ask your IT provider this question

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Want to know a quick and easy way of figuring out your IT provider's competence?

mark from m3 Networks explains a simple question you can ask them

This one question alone can help you understand whether you're wasting IT budget.

There are so many IT service providers out there.

But not all of them are the same.

At m3 we obviously pride ourselves as being among the best and most professional out there, but on the other end of the scale you might be putting your business at risk if yours is totally incompetent.

Thankfully, the Techcess podcast is here to help you.

In this episode of Techcess, Mark Riddell from m3 Networks  shares with us one simple question you can ask your IT services provider.

The answer they give will help you establish whether or not they have your cyber security needs covered.

Spoiler alert! Don't read any further if you don't want the episode spoiled!

The question Mark suggests is around patching.

Listen to the episode to find out more about why this question is so crucial for the security of your business!


Excerpt from episode

"Most people do not know whether the IT companies are actually patching their systems on a regular basis. And quite often during those conversations they'll say, well, I'll go and ask them that question and hand in hand every single time so far when a potential customer has gone and asked their current IT provider if they have a patch management service in place to patch their operating systems on a weekly basis, it always comes back. As I know, or even worse, we had someone asked the IT company and they spoke to their account manager at the IT company and their account manager didn't even know if patch management was part of their service. And this is actually quite shocking."

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Mark Riddell's technology podcast "Techcess" is an m3 Networks production. Mark and the team have created this podcast to help you and their clients understand how technology can help them in their industry and business, including helping them with cyber security solutions. To find out more about Mark Riddell and the rest of the m3 team, visit them here and follow them on Linkedin.

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