June 22, 2022
Cloud migration strategy (the Techcess and m3 Networks way)

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 46: are you ready to migrate your systems to the cloud?

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Is it time to get started with your cloud migration strategy?

Well, you'll soon know, as Mark Riddell and the Techcess team are here to talk you through the benefits and risks of a cloud migration strategy for your business!

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Every business will need to make this decision at some point - do we move over to the cloud?

You'd be forgiven for giving this more consideration that many other aspects of the IT in your business.

It's something you need to be absolutely sure of.

Get it right, and your business will certainly benefit in terms of both efficiency and cost.

Get it wrong though, and you'll be wishing you'd never even thought of the idea.

Challenges and benefits of a cloud migration strategy

Mark talks us through what a cloud migration strategy is, and how to implement one.

Should you get started on your cloud migration strategy?

Well that's what we're hoping to help you decide with this episode.

In the episode we mention m3's Cloud Migration Strategy check list - and here it is! Click to download.


Episode transcript

You would have probably already seen the link to the PDF above.

Here's a very quick sneak preview of that transcript in which Mark offers advice to any businesses or individuals who are considering undertaking a cloud migration strategy.

Basically, there are two options.

"One is a shallow integration and this option means you'll move your entire onsite application to the cloud, making limited changes to the servers. You essentially lift your applications and systems as is and move them to the cloud as one. You may hear this being referred to as a lift and shift.

And option two is a deep cloud integration and with this option you modify your applications during the process of migration to take full advantage of the key cloud capabilities on offer. This may be relatively simple or may involve a more sophisticated modification.

Then you need to decide if a single or multicloud solution is best."

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