May 17, 2023
Healing & Empowerment: A Cancer Survivor's Story (m3's charity partner for Q2, 2023)

Finding Strength & Support During Cancer Treatment: m3's Q2 2023 charity partner - Sutton Cancer Support Centre Many struggle to find emotional support as an adult affected by cancer. Some experience being told to just stay positive or think happy...

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Finding Strength & Support During Cancer Treatment: m3's Q2 2023 charity partner - Sutton Cancer Support Centre

Many struggle to find emotional support as an adult affected by cancer.

Some experience being told to just stay positive or think happy thoughts with no relief in sight. 

It's time to acknowledge the pain and frustration of ineffective actions and explore real solutions.

Join us as we delve into the crucial role of cancer support centres, specialised therapies, and the emotional and psychological strain of cancer.

Learn some real actionable techniques for regulating emotions and boosting self-assurance during difficult times.

Don't suffer in silence any longer. Listen to this episode of Techcess now.

m3 Networks' Q2 2023 charity partner - Sutton Cancer Support Centre

Jackie Price joins me (Mark Riddell) from Sutton Cancer Support Centre, where she learned first-hand the power of complementary therapies, breathing and relaxation techniques, and the importance of supporting not just cancer patients, but their loved ones as well.

As the center manager at the Sutton Cancer Support Center, Jackie has both worked in the charity sector and faced her own challenges with the deadly disease.

Her personal experience and understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis make her an invaluable resource for those seeking support.

Jackie's dedication to helping others and her positive approach to life make her an inspiring figure in the cancer community.

And that's why we knew we had to get her on the podcast to talk about her work in the Sutton Cancer Support Centre and her experience around cancer, full stop.

Individualised support

Each person's experience with cancer varies, so individualised support focuses on understanding and addressing the specific needs and concerns of each patient.

This tailored approach is crucial to making a positive impact on recovery, as it offers personalised guidance and coping strategies that cater to physical, emotional, and psychological challenges faced during the cancer journey.

Jackie Price talks us through the various one-to-one therapies and techniques provided at the Cancer Support Centre, such as acupuncture, reiki, and EMMET.

She emphasises how these offerings aim to help individuals manage their symptoms and feel more empowered in their cancer journey.

By understanding each person's unique needs, these support centers can provide targeted assistance to maximise its positive impact.

Mental and emotional impacts of cancer

Emotional and psychological aspects of cancer are often overlooked, but they play a significant role in an individual's recovery and overall wellbeing.

The journey towards recovery from a cancer diagnosis can undoubtedly be a challenging one, where patients experience a range of emotions from shock, denial, anxiety, and depression to hope and acceptance.

Mindfulness and self-care become essential for improving mental wellbeing, reducing stress, and increasing focus and positivity during the recovery process.

During this podcast episode, Jackie Price shares her personal experience with breast cancer and highlights how vital emotional support was during her journey.

She emphasises the importance of Sutton Cancer Support's efforts in helping patients address their emotional and psychological needs throughout their battle with cancer.

Jackie believes that by creating safe spaces for individuals to share and learn from one another, cancer support centers can help ease this emotional burden.

Excerpt from episode 93 of Techcess

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"I knew what help was available, I knew what support was available, but it just flies out of your head completely. So if I take you through what support we give our clients, I'll do that. As my journey, I sat down with one of the experienced therapists at the center and she talked to me about what my diagnosis meant, what treatments I was going to have, and we worked out some therapies, complementary therapies that would help and support me on my journey through that. And I found very much that when you have chemotherapy, you have your chemo, you kind of go downhill and you feel really rubbish when you've had your chemo. And my chemo was every three weeks.



So I found that the first week I was rubbish, the second week I felt a little bit better. And that was when I used to go to the center and have a treatment and I would have reiki and I would have acupuncture. The reiki cleared the fog in my mind, relaxed me, chilled me out. The acupuncture helped my body to reset. So Chris, who was offering acupuncture at the time, sort of empowered my liver, my kidneys, my spleen, all the organs that get rid of the rubbish and the poison out of your system, and made me feel a lot better and helped my body, encouraged it to fight back, if you like."

Topics covered in this episode of Techcess:


  • Understanding the essential function of cancer support centers in the West Midlands region.

  • Delving into individualised therapies for managing cancer-induced symptoms.

  • Acknowledge the challenges faced by networks supporting cancer patients.

  • Appreciate the emotional and psychological burden of cancer and the vital need for support.

  • Acquire skills for managing emotional upheavals and fortifying confidence during hard times.


The key moments in this episode of Techcess:

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:06 - About the Sutton Cancer Support Centre 

00:05:02 - Jackie's Experience

00:09:19 - Individualised Support

00:13:46 - Aftercare

00:15:55 - Mental and emotional impacts of cancer

00:16:59 - Who Does Sutton Cancer Support Help?

00:18:53 - Power Pose and Techniques

00:22:44 - How to Reach Sutton Cancer Support

00:23:07 - Conclusion


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