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Are you a body shop or car accident repair centre?

If so, then this episode of the Techcess technology podcast is definitely for you!

We’ll be taking a deep dive into how m3 Networks IT services (the people behind the Techcess podcast) provide technology solutions to businesses within the car body shop and accident repair centre trade.

Hear why these networks within the Auto Body Professionals industry love the service that m3 Networks offer and why they've become known as specialists within this niche.

Point to point wifi systems

You'll also hear about how they're massively simplifying things for estimators using the Audatex system connected to a large ranging wifi system.

For this episode, Mark Riddell's hosting the episode from Birmingham where he's presenting an award for "Best Body Shop Management System" at the Auto Body Professionals club "Night of Knights" event and conference.

Get more out of your IT (technology) systems provider

You’re probably already aware of the importance of technology in your body shop repair business. But are you really getting the most out of it? m3 Networks can help with that as a leading IT provider for auto body shop and accident repair centre businesses!

Click to listen to this episode, and if you’re someone from an auto body shop or accident repair centre, let us know one thing you’ve taken away from this episode by emailing Mark -

We'd also love to hear from anyone listening who might be from Stellantis, Vizion, or Avant and find out what you thought of this episode and whether you'd like us to create any more auto body shop theme-specific episodes.

Get more valuable technology insights from m3's blog pages, here.

Mark Riddell's technology podcast "Techcess" is an m3 Networks production.

Mark and the team have created this podcast to help you and their clients understand how technology can help them in their industry and business, including helping them with cyber security solutions.

To find out more about Mark Riddell and the rest of the m3 team, visit them here and follow them on Linkedin.

If you want to get in touch about technology or cyber security, just address an email directly at Mark here.

He'll be very happy to hear from you.

Thanks for listening!

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