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How can I improve my chances of business Techcess with a VoIP system? 

When you're running a business, communication is super important for your overall Techcess.

How you communicate, both internally and externally, from your desk, can make or break your business relationships.

If you're not contactable, you can literally lose leads and profits which ultimately restrict the growth of the company.

For this reason, it's of the highest importance that you have a telephony system that not only works, but is reliable.

VoIP offers the answer to many of these problems and opportunities.

But how?

Today's convergent economy presents businesses with an unprecedented number of challenges.

These are:

  • Engaging with customers in a cost-effective manner
  • Keeping pace with rapid product development cycles.
  • Protecting digital rights and data from hackers.

All this is especially true if the business has its own mobile workforce or even mobile employees who work at home or on the road.

When each person works in their own way, it inevitably results in dropped calls.

And particularly at times when people are more likely to be away from the premises for extended times.

Like, say, Christmas time.

Which is only a few weeks away now...

This is why Mark Riddell thought it was about time we brought on an expert in VoIP (voice over IP) who can advise on how you can ensure your business is in full readiness with the best telephone solution for you.

Myles Leach joins us for this episode of Techcess.

For those who aren't familiar with his name, he is the MD of NFON.

NFON is a company that offers VoIP technology and telephony equipment across the UK.

Their job is helping businesses to stay in touch with their customers, even at the busiest periods.

Myles has more than 20 years of experience in technology and business, having come up through the ranks at telecoms giants such as Mercury Communications (Cable and Wireless).

Remember them?

Also, he has written some very informative articles about VoIP technology.


When it comes to VoIP, Myles knows his stuff!

In the episode he addresses some of the common FAQs around VoIP, including:

Whether or not you'll lose your features and functionality of your existing system if you choose to install it.

Whether it's going to cost you a lot more than you're currently paying for your telephone system.

The truth about what you might be paying for that you don't need!

Once you've had a listen to this latest episode of our Techcess technology podcast, you're probably going to want to get yourself hooked up with some VoIP treatment (see what we did there?!!)

You can get some free advice on exactly what you might need by booking a call, here.

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