April 27, 2022
How can you keep data secure while remote working?

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 38: Protecting the most important thing in your business!

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What are you doing to keep your I.T. protected while your staff are based remotely?

There's a lot to consider now in this new normal of day to day working!

If you're currently running a business that's working remotely, you need to listen to this episode of the Techcess technology podcast!

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How do you keep data secure?

You're not the only business that's having to constantly evolve the way you're working in order to cope with the current demands and challenges.

A lot of companies have been forced to think on their feet when it comes to keep operations running smoothly, despite staff being dotted around the place.

But just because you're not alone in this situation doesn't mean you won't be uniquely targeted.

Amid this new normal, it's estimated that 48% of businesses have been attacked with ransomware, and that figure rises every year.



Communicate openly with your I.T. support partner

If you're going to continue your current remote working operations successfully and without incident, it's very important you make sure you've got all the systems in place to protect you.

While there is no guarantee of avoiding a ransomware attack or any other kind of incident, you can seriously minimise the risk by taking the right kind of precautions.

In this episode of Techcess, we explain a little more about some of the dangers you could be facing if you're running things remotely.

Perhaps you'd benefit from a blended security approach, customised to your requirements which we mention in this episode.

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