September 14, 2022
How To Ensure Working From Home Is As Productive As The Office

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 58: WFH set up tips for businesses

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Need to get your staff set up to work from home efficiently?

mark from m3 Networks talks us through some of the best ways to ensure smooth WFH running

Changing your business operations to working from home carries some risks

It might seem like a great idea at the time, but transferring your business operations to fully working from home carries risks.

Even working part time remotely can uncover some logistical issues you might not have immediately thought of.

In this episode of Techcess, Mark Riddell from m3 Networks  talks us through some of the things we might need to know if we're going to commit.

(Here's the desk that Mark references in the episode -

He says it's a recommendation for a Scottish-based, sustainable wood product that can be setup in minutes without needing any tools. Ideal for those working from the kitchen table.)

Here are some things you need to be considering to run an efficient and effective work from home strategy

In this episode we feel it's important you're educated on some of the implications and considerations of home-based business operations.

These are:

The removal of the commute, and the benefits of that

The efficiency options, such as monitors and their equipment

Their desk set up (will they be on a kitchen table?)

Logistics like phone and wi-fi considerations



Excerpt from episode

"The ideal setup, is that the setup that people are using at home mirrors what they have in the office.

So if someone is in the office with an all singing, all dancing PC with dual screens, or even triple screens nowadays, and they've got a nice ergonomic, fancy keyboard and a wireless mouse and all those kind of things....

That's great.

But if they're sitting at home on their kitchen table on an old laptop, that takes 20 minutes to boot up and has got a tiny little 14 inch screen... you know, the keyboard's all worn out... doesn't feel that great....

They're using the track pad instead of a nice fancy Logitech mouse or whatever.

Then of course, they're not gonna be as productive in that setup as they would be in the office because, let's face it, having dual monitors is, you know, one of the biggest productivity hacks to come into the tech space. I don't think anyone that's ever moved to dual monitors has ever said I'd love to go back to a single screen."

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