December 21, 2022
Is your IT company risking your Office 365 security?

Your Office 365 security could be in major danger if your IT company's getting this wrong... from explains how your IT company needs to be on top of one very important security measure with Office 365! Is your IT company putting your Office 365...

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Your Office 365 security could be in major danger if your IT company's getting this wrong...

Mark from m3 Networks explains how your IT company needs to be on top of one very important security measure with Office 365!

Is your IT company putting your Office 365 security at risk?

Find out in this episode as we discuss the importance of one particular thing they should be checking to ensure you have enabled.

Also, we'll be explaining how you can take up Mark's offer of a free security audit to ensure your business is protected.

Don't assume that just because you have an IT company working with you, that you're covered when it comes to your cybersecurity!

Your current IT provider is just that - an IT provider. Not a cybersecurity specialist!

With so many different companies offering IT services, it can often be difficult and confusing to determine which one is right for your business.

And so sometimes the IT provider that you chose at one point in your business's life span may not be the correct one for where your business is now.

And a big issue with this is your cybersecurity.

In this episode, Mark explains how having an IT support company working for you is not guaranteeing your Office 365 security.

On the contrary, they may actually be putting it at risk!


How you can know your Office 365 security posture? With an m3 Networks free audit of course! 

Are you worried that your IT company might be putting your Office 365 security at risk?

In this episode, we'll be discussing the importance of conducting an Office 365 security audit to ensure that your business is protected.

Our team offers a free Office 365 security audit to help you understand your security posture and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Mark will explain what it is, what it will show you, and the procedure for getting one.

Don't assume that just because your IT company is managing your Office 365 environment, they are always keeping your security up to date.

Make sure to regularly check your Office 365 security to keep your business safe online.

We'll even tell you how you can get around any awkward conversations with your current IT provider should you want to get one from us!


The hidden holes in your Office 365 security

In the episode, Mark mentions how you could already have hackers in your system, exploiting email forwarding rules.

He recaps the basics of that issue in this episode, but should you want to take a deeper dive, and learn how you can prevent this very dangerous problem in your business, be sure to check out that episode, linked here:

Excerpt from episode 72 of Techcess

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"It's not because they don't care about your Office 365 security, because if you ask them, of course they'll say, yeah, of course we care about your client cybersecurity.

The reason is because as you know, multifactor authentication is either going to send a text or it's going to ask through an app to authenticate the login.

But if you're an IT company and you've got multiple technicians and any one of the technicians may have to log into the customer's environment right to the customer's Microsoft Office 365 tenancy.

If that multifactor authentication is attached to, say, the managing director or the business owner's mobile phone and they're on a holiday skiing and one of their technicians needs to log into your Office 365 to make a change or to create a new user or to delete a user that's left the business or something...

When they try and login it's going to trigger the MFA to someone who's not in the business or is not available.

So then how do they then manage that and getting logins to the systems? Well, it all comes down to the systems that your IT company is using...."


Tech Topics covered in this episode of Techcess:

  • Your Office 365 security and the specific requirements for meeting Cyber Essentials compliance
  • Multi Factor Authentication security holes
  • Advanced auditing and advanced logging
  • Red flags from Russia!
  • Is your email being forwarded? You need to know!
  • The FREE Office 365 security audit from m3 Networks
  • The correct way to create administrator logins
  • The difference between an IT provider and an IT and cybersecurity provider, and the danger of not knowing which you're working with!

If after listening you'd like Mark to offer you some further FREE guidance on where you currently stand when it comes to your Office 365 security without enduring a sales pitch, book a no-obligation free 30 minute chat with him now.

Book a free chat with Mark!


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