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Is your tech set-up floating away towards an IT 'waterfall'?

Do you and your IT people know exactly what's around the corner or do you feel like you're floating around aimlessly?

Click this is you're hard of hearing and want to just download and read the episode as a PDF

We say it a lot but it is true.

You don't know what you don't know.

And sometimes even when you do know, you don't always believe straight away.

And that's what this episode of the Techcess technology podcast is all about; helping you ensure your business doesn't suffer at risk of waterfall IT and doesn't float off down the river, out of your control!

Do you know what IT challenges there are hidden around the corner?

Click this is you're hard of hearing and want to just download and read the episode as a PDF

Running a business can feel like you're riding the rapids at the best of times.

But when it comes to your IT, unless you're confident you've got a brilliant and competent team in place, it can feel like you're about to topple over at any minute.

In this episode of "Techcess", Mark Riddell talks us through his process for simplifying the threats and challenges.

And he does it through the medium of story-telling!

And if after listening you feel you need more insight into how to avoid going over that proverbial waterfall, feel free to book a call with Mark.

Connect with him on LinkedIn using that link just above, and tell him you found his details in the Techcess podcast show notes.

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Episode transcript

You would have probably already seen the link to the PDF above.

Here's a very quick sneak preview of that transcript in which Mark talks us through how to ensure we can enjoy Techcess and avoid IT wipeout.

"We have a character. Let's call her Susan.

Susan is on holiday.

Susan is swimming down an absolutely beautiful river.

The water is clear.

There's fish in the river, beautiful blue skies, and there's kind of like a rainforest type jungle sitting out of sight of river and kind of nice little beaches dotted around here and there.

And she's floating down this river, having an absolutely fantastic time, not a care in the world.

Everything is just tickety boo.

Now, I'm also in this story, and I'm not in the water at all.

I'm standing at the side of the river and I'm further down the river from where Susan is.

Now, what Susan doesn't know is that I can see around a bend in the river and round this bend in the river, I can see..."

Want to get more 'Techcess' in your business?

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Mark Riddell's technology podcast "Techcess" is an m3 Networks production. Mark and the team have created this podcast to help you and their clients understand how technology can help them in their industry and business, including helping them with cyber security solutions. To find out more about Mark Riddell and the rest of the m3 team, visit them here and follow them on Linkedin.

If you want to get in touch about technology or cyber security, just address an email directly at Mark here. He'll be very happy to hear from you.

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