July 10, 2022
Microsoft is retiring "Microsoft Azure Face AI"

Techcess Technology Podcast Tech Update - No more Azure

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Have you used Microsoft Azure face AI? 

It's being retired.

This bonus episode is to inform you of the upcoming retirement of Microsoft Azure, their face AI software! 

Have you dabbled with Microsoft Azure's facial recognition software?

Facial recognition is an increasingly popular form of biometric authentication that can be embedded into apps with little machine learning expertise.

The features include facial detection and identification, as well as the ability to match against your private repository or identify people by photographing them - all in a seamless user experience without any noticeable lag time!

You could apply this technology for things like introducing new users (who will need proof) access control where identifying oneself means granted permission; authenticating regular customers without having their card scanned each time they come through doors.

In this Techcess Tech Update bonus podcast episode, Techcess Annie will explain how Microsoft is demonstrating true leadership by taking a big decision regarding this software!

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