August 24, 2022
Microsoft Office 365 Backup – Know Your Responsibilities! (See show notes for lower bandwidth version)

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 55: Office 365 Backup (See show notes for lower bandwidth version)

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The facts about Microsoft office 365 backup

mark from m3 Networks explains what you need to know about your responsibilities 

Do you know who is responsible for your Microsoft Office 365 backups?

Office 365 is a great cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes.

But when it comes to backup and disaster recovery, who is responsible?

Is it Microsoft, or is it the customer?

In this episode, we'll explore the shared responsibility model and discuss who is responsible for backing up your data.

The answer may surprise you.

It tends to surprise most people.

We'll also look at some of the restore options available to you if disaster strikes.

So don't wait - listen to episode 55 of Techcess to learn more about Microsoft Office 365 backup and disaster recovery!

Mark explains what it is you're responsible for, and what you can rely on Microsoft to look after, for you.

If you prefer reading to listening, you can download the full printable written-to-be-read transcript of the episode by clicking the below link.

Mark from m3 Networks talks us through the shared responsibility model as well as your other options if you want more help with your backups.

In this episode...

  • A common misconception around Microsoft Office 365
  • The difference between the two customer models

  • Don't use retention policies? Then it's all on YOU!

  • When you should consider a third party back up solution?

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Episode transcript preview

You would have probably already seen the link to the PDF above.

Here's a very quick sneak preview of that transcript of episode 55 


"Now, I think it's a fair assumption to make that most people, if you ask them, they would say that they don't need to back up their Office 365 data.

They assume wrongly that Microsoft are backing up their data.

Now, there is a few things that Microsoft do to protect your data and they do give you some restore options up to a point.

However, one of the things that Microsoft actually say in their services agreement, it actually specifically says, and I'm quoting this, it says, "we recommend that you regularly back up your content and data that you store on the services, or store using third party apps and services".

So basically what Microsoft said is, look, we recommend that you take responsibility for this yourself.

And this is where the shared responsibility model comes in, which we're going to talk about just in a second.

What are the things that Microsoft actually do to protect your data?

Well, of course, they have redundancy and resiliency within their own infrastructure, within the data centres that Microsoft Office and 365 and Azure services are stored.

They also offer some services that you can buy from them, particularly if you use in Microsoft Azure.

You can buy other backup services for your servers and things like that. But when it comes down to the more basic Office 365 data, so your email, your OneDrive, your SharePoint data, how are you going to take responsibility for that and back that data up yourself?"


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