August 28, 2022
Passkeys could improve the way you work, forever

Techcess Technology Podcast Tech Update - Passkeys are coming

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Passkeys are on their way to your device soon

This bonus episode explains how remembering passwords will hopefully become a thing of the past this year

If you find yourself always defaulting to your pets names, you're in luck! Apple (and soon to be others) will save you from yourself!

We're all guilty of struggling to come up with the 9,999th password we need for yet another online site or app.

And that's why we not only resort to using poor choices for passwords, we then also use them for everything!

In this Techcess Tech Update bonus podcast episode, Techcess Annie will explain how thankfully the major platforms are moving away from passwords!

Soon you'll be able to use passkeys. 

What are passkeys?

We explain all in this episode!

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