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Would you pay hackers the fee to release your system from a ransomware attack? 

When a business falls foul of a ransomware attack, the official advice is to not pay it. But would you? We reveal the results of a survey on ransomware attacks.

This bonus episode will help you get better prepared for when it inevitably affects you (if you haven't already taken preventative measures!)

As an IT support company that's so used to helping businesses to get out of a total mess caused by ransomware attacks, we can't stress enough how this issue destroys businesses.

Nobody ever wants to worry about ransomware until it's too late and they're forced to worry about it! 

The saddest part of this is that it's much cheaper and easier to put preventative measures in place, rather than trying to repair the damage caused from an attack.

In case you need further convincing of the dangers posed to your business by a ransomware attack, m3's, Annie from the Techcess team has the results of a survey of business owners who feel victim to such an attack.

Just for you, it's another Techcess Tech Update bonus podcast episode!

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