March 02, 2022
Should You Change IT Business Partner? Insights from an Actual Customer!

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 30: A current m3 Networks customer shares her story

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Current m3 Networks customer Cheryl Brunton shares her experience of doing just that! 

Listen to learn what it was like for a client to switch over to m3 Networks from another supplier! 

Our previous advice for shopping around, and achieving Techcess!

If you listened to the previous episode of Techcess, you'd have heard us explaining why it was worth considering whether you're happy with your current IT business partner?

We covered off some of the pitfalls of working with the wrong manages services provider, and explained how working with an IT company doesn't automatically guarantee your cyber security!

Or your data protection.

You'd be forgiven for being nervous about change when it comes to your IT business partner

m3 Networks Managing Director Mark Riddell himself understands that the prospect of making a change to your IT business partner can be daunting.

When it comes to changing your IT business partner, there can be a lot of fear and uncertainty around the decision.

You'll be pondering a lot of questions.

Will everything go smoothly?

Will my data be safe?

Will I lose money in the process?

These are all valid questions, and ones that our customer Cheryl Brunton asked herself before making the switch.

(Cheryl's from this company

In this episode of the Techcess Technology Podcast, Mark Riddell chats with Cheryl as she tells her story of deciding to change IT business partner and what fears she had going into it.

She also discusses how m3 Networks was able to reassure her through the whole process and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Here are some of the points raised during the episode:

  • The limitations of working with a smaller IT business partner that's mostly 'reactive'
  • The 'fear factor' associated with making a change to your IT business partner
  • Cheryl's advice for any business that's currently dissatisfied with their IT business partner but is panicking about making a change


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