Ever wonder what happened to Saints star danny griffin?

mark from m3 Networks chats to him and francis smith (Chief executive) from saints in the community

Building stronger communities through sport education wellbeing outreach

The m3 Networks Chosen Charity intiative

If you've been listening to Techcess for a while, you'll know we have our chosen charity partners throughout the year.

Every three months we team up with a new partner, and directly connect our customer feedback (which is always excellent) to our charity giving.

We do this so that we can make a serious impact on our local area at m3 Networks HQ.

Saints in the Community and how our "Techcess" team is involved

This quarter, we're delighted to be working with Saints in the Community, based at McDiarmid Park - yes that McDiarmid Park, in Perth.

The St Johnstone FC Community Department was established in 1992 with the initial emphasis being on developing a network of football coaching courses for children and young people, along side providing SFA Coach Education Programme.

It's now widely recognised that sport can be a force for good which produces numerous social benefits including improving self esteem and inspiring kids to become more active participants within their communities .




Tech Topics covered in this episode:

  • How are we helping Saints in the Community?
  • Who is Danny Griffin and what's his history in SPL (including time spent at St Johnstone, and Arbroath?
  • Who is Francis Smith?
  • What do Saints in the Community do to improve opportunities for young people, and ease child poverty? 

How you can get involved:

Click if you want to become a corporate supporter like m3

Click here to help through volunteering

Email them


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Danny Griffin

Daniel Joseph Griffin (born 10 August 1977 in Belfast) is a Northern Irish retired footballer. He was primarily a defender, but could also play in midfield. He is a youth coach with his first professional club, St Johnstone.