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Techcess' Mark Riddell and 'The Black Knight' - discussing shadow I.T., company values and MSPs!

This episode, Mark Riddell of m3 Networks is joined by 'The Black Knight' Craig Allan of Different Mindset.

They discuss managed service providers (MSP) and why they may or may not be a good fit for your business.

They break down all aspects, such as shadow I.T. and how it can affect the relationship between the managed service provider (MSP) and their customers.

A managed service provider is a company which manages IT infrastructure for businesses.

It can include services such as cloud hosting, managed security services, managed IT support etc and enable less technical staff within a business to access help with issues without calling the supplier.

As someone with a wealth of experience working with teams who have used MSP, 'The Black Knight' has a lot to say on the subject!

When it comes to managed services, what the customer wants it to be and what it actually is can be two totally different things.

In this episode, Mark and Craig deep dive into some of the implications of this, and discuss the rather mysterious sounding subject of 'shadow I.T'.

They also touch on what having a managed service provider can do for your business, and how to make it work with the company values.

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