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m3's MD learns more about M.D.

This episode features m3 Networks Managing Director Mark Riddell learning more about what Muscular Dystrophy is and how businesses can help the charity's work.

What is Muscular Dystrophy and why are we talking about it on Techcess?

This is a question that will be answered in full on the episode.

Bottom line, we like to support good causes at m3 Networks.

This quarter, we decided to team up with Midlands-based charity Muscular Dystrophy Support Centre - one of only two such organisations in the UK.

Sarah Ann Moore takes part in the Techcess 10

During the episode you'll hear the charity's Executive Director Sarah Ann Moore explain to Mark all about the work they do.

You'll be pleased to know she's also the latest guest to participate in the Techcess 10, and giggling ensues full pace.

Have a listen, and if you feel moved to get your business involved in some fundraising for the charity, let us know so we can thank you on the podcast!

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