June 01, 2022
The new type of phishing attack and the advice from m3 Networks on how to evade it

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 43: How to avoid the latest type of phishing attack

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The nasty new type of email phishing attack - how to avoid becoming a victim!

There's a new type of phishing attack putting UK and global businesses under threat! 

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Have you heard of the new type of phishing attack that's targeting UK businesses?

At m3 Networks we're always urging our customers and members of the public in general how important it is to keep IT systems secure.

You never know where the next phishing attack is going to come from, and the hackers are getting cleverer by the day.

That's why we think it's really important we bring you up to speed with things in this episode.

This week on the "Techcess" technology podcast, Mark Riddell talks us through some information that came to us from our friend Paul Ducklin over at Naked Security.

Make sure you listen so you know you can be adequately informed and avoid becoming a victim to the latest email scam!

Oh, and special mentions for our friends at KnowBe4 and Sophos!

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Episode transcript

You would have probably already seen the link to the PDF above.

Here's a very quick sneak preview of that transcript in which Mark talks us through how to ensure we can enjoy Techcess and avoid this latest phishing threat to our IT systems.


"Don’t click helpful links in emails or other messages.

You need to learn in advance about how to find error messages and emails and other mail delivery information in your webmail service, usually via the interface itself.

So you can simply log in as usual and access the needed pages directly and do the same for social networks and content delivery sites that you use.

If you already know the right URL to use, you should never need to rely on clicking any links in emails and whether those emails are fake.

So basically what that means is if you get an email and it looks like it's from PayPal, for example, rather than clicking the link in the email to log into PayPal, just open your browser and type in www.paypal.com, because then you know you're actually going to the genuine site.

Okay, the next piece of advice here is..."


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