August 17, 2022
Total Coverage Home Wi-Fi for Less Than £150

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 54: Affordable Wifi Coverage (See show notes for lower bandwidth version)

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Excellent coverage across your home for less than £150?

mark from m3 Networks explains how it can be done, and how he's done it

What is this big wi-fi secret?

Wi-Fi is a technology that allows devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to connect to the internet wirelessly.

It creates a network in your home or office using an access point, which is usually a router.

You can use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet anywhere in your home or office, as long as you're within range of the access point.

The problem with bigger homes and offices when it comes to your wi-fi coverage

If you have a big house or office, however, you might find that your Wi-Fi signal doesn't reach all corners.

This can be frustrating, especially if you're trying to use the internet in a part of the house or office that's far from the access point.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your Wi-Fi coverage.

  1. Range extender (Good)

One option is to buy a range extender, which is a device that extends the reach of your Wi-Fi signal.

  1. Mesh network (Better)

Another option is to buy a mesh network, which is a system of multiple access points that work together to give you full coverage throughout your home or office.

This episode is all about the mesh network.

Mark explains what a mesh network is, how it works and why you should give it serious consideration for your home network.

Make sure you grab a pen and paper to take notes as Mark from m3 Networks talks us through the best kept secret in home wi-fi on this week's episode of the Techcess technology podcast.

If you prefer to print off a written version to keep, you can do that by clicking this.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What is mesh wi-fi?
  • Why isn't our standard router any good?
  • How this TPLink system works
  • What kind of speeds can you get with the DECO P9?

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Episode transcript preview

You would have probably already seen the link to the PDF above.

Here's a very quick sneak preview of that transcript of episode 54 


"Welcome to today's episode of Techcess.

I'm Mark Riddell and I want to talk to you about Wi-Fi.

Now, yes, it's pretty boring, it's pretty dry, but the thing with Wi-Fi is it's great when it works, but when it doesn't work, it's a total pain. It's really frustrating when you have poor Wi-Fi. And a lot of the time people say to me, well, yeah, it's great, I get a Wi-Fi signal throughout my house. But there's a big difference between having a Wi-Fi signal and actually having a signal that's strong enough to actually get any work done. So just because you are connected to your Wi-Fi doesn't mean it's actually suitable to do the tasks that you're trying to do online, especially when it comes to things like video calls on teams or zoom or whatever. So today I'm going to tell you about how you can get 100% perfect Wi-Fi coverage throughout your house for less than £150.

Who’s this wi-fi system for?

Now, of course, there has to be a little bit of a caveat to this because this is not going to work in everyone's house. But I think for 95% of people who have a modest three- or four-bedroom house, especially if it's a more modern construction, then this is going to solve your Wi-Fi problems. If you have a massive country state mansion that's made of brick with really thick walls, then of course you're probably going to need to have a better Wi-Fi system and probably get a company in to flood your house with Wi-Fi and maybe run some cables and things. But this advice today is for the masses. This is for the majority of people out there, like I say, who live in a modest modern three-to-four-bedroom family home. Most of you out there are probably getting your Wi-Fi provided from the router that was provided to you by your internet service provider, your ISP. So, you probably have a BT home hub or a Virgin super hub, or if you're with Sky, you'll have their router. But these things don't provide great Wi-Fi because, of course, they're designed to look like something that you'd want to have in your home, so there's no antennas and things sticking out of it.

Okay, it can sit next to your TV or behind your TV or in the hallway somewhere and it doesn't really offend anyone, it doesn't kind of stand out. But of course, what is designed to look nice doesn't always function the best. And what you really need in your home is what we call a mesh Wi-Fi system, which is basically a number of different wireless access points all talk to each other that allow you to get better Wi-Fi coverage across your house. And I'm going to talk to you about the system that I actually have in my own house.

Wi-fi that gets the Techcess seal of approval – TPLink DECO9

And I've actually put this in for other people, I've actually recommended it to other people. And the beauty of this system is that you don't need to be an IT professional to get it up and running.

It's designed so that the average kind of fairly IT or technology literate person can actually get this up and running. In fact, they made it so easy to set up that it's actually all done via an app on your phone. And the specific model that I have is by a company called TP Link. It's the DECO P9.

So, it's DECO system though they do lots of variations of the DECO devices. The P9 is the one I use. I'll tell you why for a specific reason just in a minute.

You can purchase these as a single unit, but they actually sell these as a pack of three. And right now, on Amazon you can get pack of three for less than £150. I think I paid exactly £150 probably about a year and a half ago in my own home. But yeah, they've come down in price a little bit so you can actually pick these up a little bit cheaper. Of course, we will post a link to the product on Amazon in the show notes.

So, if you just want to click the link that you see down below somewhere you'll be able to go straight to Amazon and order these for yourself.

I want to talk a little bit about the technology and about how this works. This is a mesh Wi-Fi system and as I said earlier, this works by having multiple access points."

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