May 24, 2023
Upgrade to VoIP before PSTN switch-off so you don't get left behind!

Do you want a phone system that won't break the bank and is dependable? Time to switch to VoIP. After all... you have to! Do you feel like you're constantly throwing money at an outdated phone system that still drops calls? Do you struggle with poor...

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Do you want a phone system that won't break the bank and is dependable? Time to switch to VoIP. After all... you have to!

Do you feel like you're constantly throwing money at an outdated phone system that still drops calls?

Do you struggle with poor sound quality and inefficient call routing?

It's time to take action before the PSTN switch-off leaves you without a working phone line.

In this episode, we'll help you understand the criticality of transitioning to VoIP, how it provides superior sound quality and cost savings, and give you practical steps to prepare for the switch-off.

 Say goodbye to frustration and hello to reliable communication.

Switch off of PSTN

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) has been a cornerstone of the UK's communication infrastructure for over a century.

However, with increasing demands for modern communication capabilities, the outdated system will be switched off in December 2025, as part of a nationwide initiative to transition towards a fully digital system.

Consequently, businesses currently using landlines or phone systems connected to the PSTN are urged to upgrade to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions before the deadline.

Furthermore, the switch-off will impact other devices that utilize analogue phone lines, such as EPOS machines and alarm systems, which will also need upgrading.

During the episode, I, Mark Riddell, will be emphasising the cruciality of preparing in advance for the upcoming switch-off by evaluating affected devices and planning necessary upgrades, such as internet phone systems and fibre connections.

I'll also elaborate on the background of PSTN, its role in UK communications and the eventual need for modern systems like VoIP as a replacement.

Benefits of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers a range of benefits over traditional landlines, which includes improved sound quality, better call routing, and significantly reduced costs.

One notable advantage is its flexibility, allowing users to make calls from anywhere across the globe, only requiring a stable internet connection.

This attribute helps support remote workers and employees who travel frequently.

Additionally, VoIP bypasses long-distance charges and other fees associated with PSTN calls, leading to considerable cost savings and increased affordability.

Lastly, the digital nature of VoIP equates to greater reliability, limiting instances of dropped and interrupted calls.

I'll also be highlighting the advantages of switching to VoIP, such as its enhanced flexibility, cost efficiency, and reliability, especially in contrast with traditional landline phones.

I'll explain how VoIP's capabilities improve business communications and sharing how your business can make the most of these benefits by upgrading to VoIP systems and fibre broadband connections.


Excerpt from episode 94 of Techcess

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"But it's not just phones that can be affected by the switch off, though. There's other devices that currently use analog phone lines, such as EPOS machines, which are card payment machines that you may have in your business, alarm systems which may be connected to an analog phone system in order to connect to like a monitoring center or an alerting system. These will also need to be upgraded, which could involve replacing the device themselves or installing new connections to the Internet. So it's worthwhile evaluating what you have within your business and your buildings to determine what is going to be affected by the switch off and when. We're talking about replacing devices, did you know that businesses typically keep the same phone system for over ten years?"

Tech Topics covered in this episode of Techcess:


  • Grasp the criticality of transitioning to a VoIP phone system before the PSTN switch-off.

  • Recognize the benefits VoIP phones provide, including superior sound quality, efficient call routing, and reduced costs.

  • Identify the devices that will be affected by the PSTN switch-off and the urgency to upgrade.

  • Understand the multitude of advantages VoIP offers, such as adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and dependability.

  • Plan and prepare for the PSTN switch-off by making the move to fiber broadband and engaging with your telecoms provider.

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