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Are the huge changes that are coming to the automotive repair industry's legislation bad news for the industry? 

And how will they impact on motor vehicle block exemption regulation (MVBER)?

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What's happening in the automotive repair industry?

The automotive repair industry is about to see some massive changes in the law, and it's not clear yet whether these will be good or bad news for businesses within the sector.

The legislation in question surrounds motor vehicle block exemption regulation (MVBER), and has been brought about by the relationship between the industry and the EU in light of Brexit.

Any update to this law will directly affect independent organisations operating in the after market, and how they are able to compete with main dealerships.

In simple terms, it could spell the end for many independent garages who rely on some vehicle owners preferring not to use main dealers for repairs and maintenance.

As friends of the Auto Body Professionals Club, we're taking a solid interest in this story as it develops.

This conversation between "Techess" host Mark Riddell and automotive aftermarket consultant Neil Pattermore covers a lot of the topics surrounding this issue.

What IS the motor vehicle block exemption regulation?

The automotive repair industry is currently waiting to see what the final outcome of the motor vehicle block exemption regulation's expiration will be, hence this podcast episode.

This legislation was originally put in place to enable fair competition from independent auto body shops. However, with the UK's exit from the European Union, there is now concern that the legislation may not be renewed, and this will pose a challenge for independents.

A removal of this regulation would impact on the cost of spare parts and the cost of providing warranties that are competitive with the main dealerships.

In a nutshell, we could be on the verge of a removal of the level playing field and could potentially lead to an implosion of businesses.

What impact the change in legislation could have on Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI)

To ensure fair competition in this market, it is critical for all parties involved - from distributors and independent retailers to dealerships or workshops - to have easy access information on how best to maintain your car so you can choose who provides quality services at reasonable prices without being discriminated against because they're not authorised by any one manufacturer.

Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) and the continuance of independent garages being able to access it for the repair of vehicles can make all the difference in taking your vehicle to your local mechanic.

How the legislation could impact on more modern vehicles

It is no secret that cars have become more complex over time. These days, you can find computerised systems in almost any make or model of vehicle but some believe this complexity comes at the expense of technicians’ ability to maintain them properly and efficiently due to the fact that the relevant tools may be infeasible for smaller garages to obtain or afford.

Also, we need to bear in mind automotive technology and it's relationship with cyber security. How will this aspect of vehicle ownership play out?

Will eCall be affected? Are hackers going to be able to target your car?

Whether you're an auto body professional working in a dealership or independent garage, or just a motorist with an interest in the motoring industry, this episode contains huge insights.

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