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Why most businesses don't have the right backup solutions in place!

And what to do about it in order to enjoy Techcess in 2022

In this latest episode of the Techcess technology news and I.T. themed podcast, m3's Mark Riddell is going to tell you a story.

And if you're running a business with an outsourced technology services provider looking after your I.T. systems, it could be the most important story you've ever heard!

It's a true story involving a real situation where Mark has met with a potential new customer to talk about their backups.

And it has some really scary moments...


  • Some of the scariest 'baddies' that crop up:
  • Issues recovering important data
  • Lack of failure testing
  • Impact on business of any data loss
  • Data issues and their implication for your GDPR

Full transcript of the episode available here:


During this episode, Mark makes a recommendation to listen to the second episode of Techcess for further expansion on the topic of choosing the right I.T. provider.

As promised, here's the link to listen to it - 

On the Techcess page:

Via your favourite app:

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Mark Riddell's technology podcast "Techcess" is an m3 Networks production. Mark and the team have created this podcast to help you and their clients understand how technology can help them in their industry and business, including helping them with cyber security solutions. To find out more about Mark Riddell and the rest of the m3 team, visit them here and follow them on Linkedin.

If you want to get in touch about technology or cyber security, just address an email directly at Mark hereHe'll be very happy to hear from you.

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