May 04, 2022
You should be sceptical of all I.T. support companies. Here's why...

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 39: Questions to ask any I.T. support provider you're considering working with

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Here's why you should be sceptical of all I.T. support companies

There's a lot of risk attached to hiring your I.T. support provider. Let us help you navigate the search!

Are you shopping around for a new IT partner to help you with the technology in your business? You need to listen to this episode of the Techcess technology podcast before you sign anything!

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What's your plan for deciding on your next IT support company?

We say it a lot in business, but that's because it's absolutely true; "we don't know what we don't know."

And that also applies to choosing an I.T. support company who will help progress your business, not hinder it.

For this episode of the Techcess technology podcast, Mark Riddell from m3 Networks will be guiding you through some of those 'don't knows', and suggesting how you can quickly get to know.

Five questions for your potential new I.T. support partner

We know only too well how disastrous it can be for your business if you pick the wrong I.T. support partner.

And although we appreciate that we might not be the right fit for everyone reading this or listening to our podcast, we don't want that to be the reason you mistakenly end up working with another partner who still isn't right for you.

In this episode of Techcess, Mark offers some insight on the questions you need to be asking before you begin working with anybody!

As always, if you need to get some peace of mind, you can always book a free call with Mark.

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Episode transcript

You would have probably already seen the link to the PDF above.

Here's a very quick sneak preview of that transcript in which Mark talks about I.T. 'bedroom warriors'.

"In reality, great IT support companies operate on a completely different level with better knowledge, tools and systems. The biggest problem when it comes to IT support is that it's an unregulated industry.

There is no governing body that people have to pass through to be allowed to call themselves an IT support company.

No industry standards have to be met and no guidelines on how the business must operate. Just about anybody, literally anybody, can set themselves up and say an IT support company.

And this is why I say you should be highly sceptical of all IT support companies. So without asking the right questions, you simply don't know if you're putting your trust and the security of your business data in the hands of a reputable, honest company or someone working alone out of a bedroom in his parents house.

A bedroom warrior, as I like to call those guys.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with bedroom warriors. Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you're a one man band with minimal IT requirements, that could be the most cost effective solution for you. However, if you own or manage an established, growing business with staff and more than one computer, you need a lot more than one person working from their bedroom can provide. So how do you avoid choosing the wrong IT support company?..."

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