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Time to think about cloud security!

Mark from m3 Networks explains exactly what kind of business uses cloud services and how they should be protecting them.
(Spoiler - you are!)

How to tell if you're using cloud services

There's a fairly easy way to tell if you're using cloud services in your business.

You're using a computer that does things outside of the limits of your computer itself.

So yes, you're using cloud services. 

Now we've established that, best we discuss just how you protect them!


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Let's be real - you hadn't even really thought about cloud data protection before now...

As an IT professional with decades of experience, Techcess host Mark Riddell knows that every business today relies on cloud services in some way.

Whether it's for storing data, hosting applications, or delivering content like this podcast episode, the cloud has become an integral part of modern business operations.

But many businesses don't take cloud security seriously enough.

They think that because the data is stored off-premises, it's someone else's responsibility to protect it.

But that's not the case. It's still your data, and it's your responsibility to ensure it's properly backed up and secured.

Listen to this episode (76) of Techcess to learn more about how you can ensure your cloud services are safe and secure.

What are your responsibilities when it comes to your cloud data protection?

In this older episode, we talked specifically about your responsibilities for cloud data protection within Microsoft Office 365 specifically.

But the issue impacts more widely than just in that software.

Pretty much everything you do now involves the cloud in some way.

Excerpt from episode 76 of Techcess

(Download transcript)

"So, I think we can all agree that every business is using cloud services. That's the first thing. The next thing to talk about is how are we gonna protect the cloud services? And of course, it varies depending on the cloud service. Not all cloud services are gonna have some of the security features and stuff that we're gonna talk about.

But if we're thinking about things like Office 365. Your accounts package, social media accounts, all these things will have most of the stuff that I'm gonna tell you about.

I think it's fair to say that most businesses wouldn't be able to do business nowadays without some sort of cloud services in some shape or form, whether it's just email or whether you've moved your entire line of business applications into the cloud. We all rely on the cloud services, so because we're so reliant on it, we need to ensure that we're protecting it."


Tech Topics covered in this episode of Techcess:


  • Who uses cloud data services?
  • What you're responsible for with them
  • How you can ensure your cloud services are safe and secure
  • More about MFA (multifactor authentication) again
  • Encryption of your cloud data
  • Backup of your cloud data
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