How are you managing your passwords within your business?

mark from m3 Networks explains everything you need to know about passwords

Are you using a password manager? If not, time to listen to this episode...

One of the most important issues when it comes to managing passwords in a business is creating and enforcing a password policy.

This policy should require employees to create strong passwords that are difficult to guess, and to change their passwords on a regular basis.

Additionally, the policy should prohibit employees from sharing their passwords with others.

But this is an incredibly difficult policy to project manage and keep check on.

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Excerpt from episode (download transcript)

"Passwords are a necessary evil hated by everyone. And yes, that even includes us IT professionals. Now, everyone knows deep down that they should try harder with their passwords, but everything about them just seems difficult because great passwords are really difficult to think up, even harder to remember.

And it's highly frustrating when you get them wrong and you have to reset them. And this is what encourages people into sloppy habits, such as relying on weak passwords or reusing them across multiple logins."


Tech Topics covered in this episode:

  • The frustrations of remembering passwords
  • Passwords are being phased out
  • What can you do in the meantime?
  • The benefits of using a password manager
  • The risks of using a password manager
  • What Mark personally uses and why he uses it

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