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How much should you expect to pay for IT support if you're a small business?

Mark from m3 Networks shares expertise as a long standing IT support provider, discussing the various pricing models available and the challenges that businesses face when trying to determine the cost of IT support.

What does IT support cost for your business?

Even if you've got an IT company, you know what it costs from your current provider, but that's based on the location that they're based in.

It's based on the services that they're providing too!

In this episode, Mark shares why businesses in larger cities tend to pay more for IT support, and how you can 'hack' that issue to your advantage!

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The pricing models explained!

As Mark explains in the episode, IT pricing can be a bit of a 'minefield' and is dependent on various factors, including what kind of business model your would-be IT support company is using.

The traditional "break-fix" model of IT support, where a technician is only called out to fix a problem and the customer is then billed, is in Mark's words, 'outdated'.

Mark offers reasons why you might want to look elsewhere if that's the pricing model offered by the IT support company you're thinking of working with!


You need MSPs (managed services providers)

In this older episode, we talked specifically about zoning in on MSPs (Managed Services Providers) for your IT.

And the issue is coming up again in this episode.

Spoiler alert - this is where Mark feels you should be looking when it comes to your IT support needs, and he makes his case for why, in the episode.

m3 Networks in particular are working more proactively and providing a much more fully managed IT support, actually taking responsibility for managing clients' IT systems.

Excerpt from episode 77 of Techcess

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"At a basic level, you might find companies will provide you with a remote support contract and you have a problem. They'll log in remotely and then they'll fix it. All they're doing is replacing the call out guy in a van service with dial in remotely using some sort of free software, and typically a lot of these smaller MSPs will be using free services like TeamViewer or LogMeIn, that they're not really proper managed IT tools.

Yes, they allow you to get a remote connection to a computer somewhere else, but that's literally all it does.

 I think it's fair to say that most businesses aren't looking for what I've just been describing. Most businesses don't just want a break, fix call out service. If you do, then you can stop listening and go and find that."


Tech Topics covered in this episode of Techcess:


  • What does IT support cost for your business?

  • The pricing models explained!

  • MSPs (managed services providers)

  • Location of your ideal IT support company

  • Are they offering you weekly maintenance?

  • The importance of regular meetings

  • Where m3 Networks fits in with pricing (so you can get a good idea for your comparisons)

If after listening you'd like Mark to offer you some further FREE guidance on how to figure out where to look for your MSPs (without enduring a cringey sales pitch) book a no-obligation free 30 minute chat with him now. Also, keep scrolling to get your free copy of the buyer's guide which will also help with all your IT purchasing for this year!

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