October 05, 2022
The business owner's complete guide to phishing

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 61: Complete Phishing Guide

Do you run a business? Well, we'd best run you through this guide to phishing then

mark from m3 Networks explains everything you need to be aware of with phishing

This week we're diving more deeply into phishing!

In a recent episode, we talked you through the various types of phishing attacks you need to be aware of.

Here's a link to listen if you haven't yet.


This week, we're going one further and giving you a complete walk through guide on phishing


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Excerpt from episode (download transcript)

"Here are some scary stats for you. Now, last year, 83% of organisations reported experienced phishing attacks and
that was up 28% from 2020. And it's expected to that there will be additional 6 billion phishing attacks this year. A third of all phishing emails are opened. And that's quite an eyewatering statistic if you think about how many people in your business and how many people receive phishing attacks on a daily basis, that a third of them will actually be opened. And around 90% of data breaches occur as a result of phishing. So it's very lucrative for the cyber criminals out there. One in 99 emails is a phishing attack and 25% of these slip through the security fiters in your Microsoft inbox because no system is 100% effective, right? I've said that several times on the show. So there's always going to be a chance that a phishing attack email will get through to one or more of your users. 60% of successful phishing attacks actually result in lost data, so that's over half of them. And 52% result in a compromise of login credentials. So one of your users will be tricked into giving away their username and password for their email system or some other system because cybercriminals have set up a fake login page and tricked them into thinking it was the real login page and they've gone and given away their credentials.


**Once again, if you want to download the free "The business owners complete guide to phishing" download, you can do that here:



Tech Topics covered in this episode:



Middle-man phishing

Clone phishing

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