October 12, 2022
It's time to defend and invest!

Techcess Technology Podcast episode 62: Defend and Invest

Are you doing enough to defend and invest?

mark from m3 Networks explains how you might be the dream business for cyber criminals to target!

These cyber hackers are not kiddies playing around on computers anymore...

When it comes to running a business, it can be stressful enough just keeping things ticking over.

Throw in the constant threat of a cyber attack toppling things into the mix, and you've got a serious case of hair-greying operations.

Thankfully, this episode of Techcess is all about bringing the subject of defending your business from cyber crime back on the important to do list.

And not only that, but that you're investing the correct amounts of budget into the correct things.

Because when it comes to the risk of cost to your business from suffering a cyber attack, investment in prevention is always going to be cheaper.

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Excerpt from episode (download transcript)

"Most people just aren't taking cybercrime seriously and are still the weakest link in the chain. And we estimate that up to 80% of cybercrime that we deal with has started because a human made a mistake. Well, then there's three key areas that you need to focus on for your defence. Strategy number one is having the right tools. And the trick here is to put in place a blend of cybersecurity measures that protect your business to a high level without overly inconvenience in your staff. Secondly, you want to have the right systems. Now, unfortunately, you can't rely upon security tools alone to protect the business. They have to be used in the right way, which means implementing and policing systems."


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Tech Topics covered in this episode:

  • 'Defend'
  • Removing the opportunities for the 'burglars' circling your business
  • The three key drivers of the rise in cyber crime
  • 'Invest' 
  • What to invest in, and how much you should invest

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